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Originally published on January 14, 2015 at

Don’t get me wrong, I love Maroon 5 as much as the next girl, but there’s a certain time in every sane person’s life where we have to admit something to ourselves.  Yes, Adam Levine has an amazing voice, and yes, we never get tired of glittery-sounding pop-rock guitars, but with Maroon 5’s undeniable commercial success and widespread popularity in the last few years…yeah, all of their songs do start to sound the same.  (This is where all my Maroon 5 die-hards blow up the comment section revering the musical and artistic diversity of Songs About Jane and lamenting the Top 40 treatment of their tracks these days.)

Modern Maroon 5 songs may be cookie-cutter, but I mean, I love cookies.  Not a problem.  Their music videos have always been flops for me, though.  They undoubtedly star Adam Levine and a model-hot love interest (here’s looking at you “One More Night” and “Misery”), and there’s a little story like he’s a boxer and his wife leaves, or his girlfriend gets hit by a car after she catches him cheating at a party…whatever, man.  Mainstream media is so sad and typical.

I do have a soft spot for “Never Gonna Leave This Bed,” which alternates between featuring the band playing in a clear glass trailer attached to a vehicle driving through L.A., and Adam Levine canoodling another model in a bed (but throughout various public locations and surrounded by phone-toting fans – I might just forgive the model).

“Sugar” is a sweet enough tune, but the music video is pure magic.  I could not stop smiling past 1:15 to the point where I wondered when the last time was that I truly used those muscles.  A little over a month ago, the band drove throughout L.A for an entire day with the goal of crashing as many weddings as possible to sing their new single and film their video.  How cool is that?  It was already the best day of the bride and groom’s lives as they married the one person they love most in the world, and then Adam and crew showed up to their reception.  Faces lit up, people screamed, people cursed, couples embraced, and everyone danced.  Talk about using your celebrity for the right reasons.

“Thank you so much, this was the coolest thing ever.  Ever, ever, ever.” – Adam Levine

Originally published on October 19, 2014 at

Once again, Saturday Night Live was ahead of the curve.  As I sat in my common room last weekend, Bill Hader’s voice announced the week’s musical guest, Hozier.

“Who?” asked a confused boy on my floor.

I sat up a little straighter.  In my weekly perusing, a little tune entitled “From Eden” had been playing in my head for the past few days, and the artist was, you guessed it, Hozier. With a happy-go-lucky backdrop of guitars, it’s easy to miss the nostalgia in the lyrics, even the perverseness.

Innocence died screaming,

Honey, ask me, I should know

I slithered here from Eden

Just to sit outside your door

Hozier performed “Take Me to Church,” the headliner on his recently dropped, self-titled album.  The lyrics don’t disappoint here either.

I’ll worship like a dog at the shrine of your lies

I’ll tell you my sins and you can sharpen your knife

In sharp contrast to “From Eden,” “Take Me to Church” is unapologetically gritty and dark.  When the last chord faded into silence, the applause from the live audience at 30 Rock was delayed, but wildly enthusiastic.  As if the crowd has been lulled into a trance, only to suddenly wake up in rabid admiration of his ability to hold them on the edge of their seats.  Look out world, indie rock has another star on the rise.